About SDM from our founder

SDM is a non-denominational ministry that exists to provide Biblically-based evangelism and discipleship resources.

Passion for God, Vision for People
At Student Discipleship Ministries we are committed to helping you impact lives for eternity! We strive to provide you with the best tools possible to challenge students and Christians of all ages to submit everything to Christ—or renew their passion for Christ—and invest their lives into reaching others with the gospel.

We know you want to see every participant in your ministry fully mature into a man or woman of God, and we want to help you impart to them a vision of becoming disciplemakers—as a lifestyle. The literal interpretation of the Great Commission is, “as you go,” make disciples. We know you want to see students so radiant for Christ that they can’t help but change their campuses. We believe that the best evangelism is simply an overflow of our walk with Christ.

Best Materials, Lowest Prices
We are continually asked about how we are able to produce such powerful, practical, life-changing material and sell it at such low prices. First, we give all the glory to God. He has grown this ministry since 1987 with virtually no marketing or advertising. We are honored that we have been allowed into the lives of millions throughout the world with evangelism and discipleship material. We believe God will continue to bless as we produce Biblical and inspiring material.

We work diligently to provide you the best material at the lowest prices— anywhere! It will cost your church more time and money to download material from the web and make your own booklets than the cost of purchasing ours! Try it. We think you will agree.

You’re the Key!
Don’t underestimate where God has placed you. The lives you invest in are the future of the Church. And remember, you can’t give away that which you do not possess—so allow God to work in your life first.

Statistics show that only about ten percent of people stay pure and true to their calling over the long haul. We pray you will be one who finishes strong. In this deteriorating society the need is great. At the same time, God is doing a mighty work in this generation. Your potential is unlimited! If not you, then who? If not where you are, then where? If not now, when?

May God fill you with all His fullness, protect you and your family, and richly anoint your ministry in the days ahead.

Go change the world!

Billy Beacham